Rick Danko

This site is all about Rick Danko, the charismatic bass and acoustic guitar player and one of the three lead singers for the legendary rock group, The Band. Rick's iconic plaintive tenor, his ethereal, one-of-a-kind harmonies and his loping, melodic, percussive bass playing were a large part of The Band's signature sound. Equally integral to The Band's mystique--and to their secure and enviable perch high atop the upper crust of rock and roll--was Rick's magnetic, larger-than-life persona--part innocent country boy, part wandering troubadour, part reluctant rock star.

Rick Danko was about music. He was about melody. He was about harmony. He was about authenticity. He was about vulnerability. Rick was--and always will be--the epitome of unadorned, unaffected, unparalleled cool.

I worked with Rick for many years. He was a dear friend and a major influence who "taught me how to seek the path." This site is part of a promise I made to him a long time ago. I hope you enjoy it.

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Condolences to Robbie Robertson and His Family

Heartfelt condolences to Robbie Robertson and his family on the recent passing of his mother, Rosemarie Robertson, who died on August 3. Mrs. Robertson, who was adored by her family and held in high regard by Robbie's Band-mates (who affectionately called her "Mama Kosh" back in the early days of the Hawks), was born in 1922 on the Six Nations Indian Reservation in Ontario.

So sorry for your loss. Love, comfort, and healing to the Robertson family.

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